Forward with an aquatic competition center

Forward with an aquatic competition center

A water adventure park won't be a part of a planned Elk Grove aquatic center, but entities once pursuing the park think it's not outside the realm of possibility for the future.

On Wednesday, the Elk Grove City Council voted to move forward with an aquatic competition center, but not a commercial water adventure park. The plan was once envisioned as a public-private development agreement that would add more than 20 acres of aquatic amenities to the city's civic center.

Under that plan, the city of Elk Grove would provide the land and up to $14 million and project developer P3 International LLC would provide the rest. Estimated total cost of the of the project was once pegged at $56 million, though at Wednesday's meeting the competitive center was pegged at $17 million and the water park was pegged at $33 million.

The problem? The developer couldn't secure the necessary private funding, Elk Grove mayor Gary Davis said Thursday, citing a breach of contract. But Jeroen Gerrese, president of P3 International, said he secured a letter of interest from an investor, but the city and the investor couldn't come to an agreement.

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